Porsche 911 T 2.2 Targa - 1970

Sometimes a quite ‘normal’ Porsche 911 T has a very special story!

Imagine your are buying a new car in 1970. Would you pick a Porsche if you could buy cars twice as big, with electric windows, seats and a creamy V8 in the front for less than a half of the price of a Porsche? Yes I would!

A California Stanford professor was thinking the same thing. He bought a brand new 911 T Targa in Irishgreen in 1970. Picked it up at the Factory in Germany, did an Europe tour and shipped it to California.

So far So good.

But go back to yourself! Would you keep it forever? Yes if you would know what has happened with the prices but for the rest there are more reasons to buy a newer 911 every 3 or 4 year. The new one is Always better, faster etc.

The Stanford professor did not find one good reason to replace his Greenie and kept is till one week a go. Because of age reasons he was selling now. Lucky me.

Go back to yourself…
Would you keep every single receipt since new of your Car? Even the dealer Invoice?
Every oil service Invoice? Probably not.

The professor did! A big binder of records comes with it.
Also the original books, Factory tour papers etc.. are coming with the Car.

He drove it every day. Paint is old, interior is tired but it drives perfect!
No rust.
All Matching.

This ONE owner 911 deserves a new caring owner!

Body: Targa
First registration: - / 1970
Engine: Boxer
CCM: 2200 cm3
Power: 125 BHP
Transmission: Manual
Color: Irishgreen
Cylinders: 6
Status Sold