Porsche Devin D - 1957

Very rare and unique Devin D.

Only 200 Devins were built in 1955-1962
Completely restored
Porsche 356 super 90 engine
Has driven multiple Italian Barchetta Rally’s

In the period 1955-1962 Mr. Bill Devin built about 200 “weekend racers” The combination of low weight and “high”power engines made them almost unbeatable on the race track and with the famous hill climbing events. They were built in California. So most of them started their life there.

In Europe it is really rarity to see a Devin. But for example the Auto-Strorico-Italiano (ASI) has Devin approved as a real car manufacturer. Which makes it eligible for many events.

This particular example is a 1957 Devin D. The D stands for Deutsch. It has a Porsche power plant and a VW gearbox.
The Abarth exhaust makes you smile every time you drive.
Engine super 90 Engine.
Gearbox 4 speed Beetle.

The combination of 700Kg and nearly 100HP makes it really a blast to drive.

Everything is restored or renewed.

The car is registered in The Netherlands as a 1957 Devin D.

If you really want something special!

Body: Convertible
First registration: - / 1957
Engine: Boxer
CCM: 1600 cm3
Power: 95 BHP
Transmission: 4 speed gearbox
Color: Silver
Cylinders: 4
Status Sold