Porsche 904-6 Carrera GTS 2.0 Reconstruction - 1965

Factory options:
Blue cloth Bucket seats.
Model 1965.
Year of construction 2009-2014.

The 904/6 is believed the first Porsche Sports racer with a 6 cilinder engine.
The normal 904 was delivered with the 356 4 cam engine. After the 901 came out they decided to use the 6 cilinder from the 901. Called 904/6. Only 20 were made.

This specific car is a 100% copy of a real 904/6. The constructor of this car his goal was absolute perfection. No assumptions but real cars, correct blue prints and a lot of knowledge makes this the best reproduction on the market. The complete reconstruction is well documented with pictures, technical plans etc.

After a lot of research it started with all the measurements. Real cars were used as an example. Together with factory building sheets. The chassis including all weldings are identical to a real one. The fiberglass body is also identical. With perfect fittings of all panels. Even the little luggage compartment is there.

Autocad was used to copy all the little metal parts. They were all cut with a laser machine to make sure that it is 100% correct.

The engine is the correct type with the correct carburators. Even the twin-spark system with two ignition coils is used on this car. The gearbox is the correct 904 transmission. Gearbox lever and handbrake lever. All 100% identical.

The seats are not adjustable. But the steering column and the pedalbox are. Again, just like the Porsche 904.

The gauges, the windows, the doorlocks, the fuel- and oil tank, lights, suspension, exhaust and so on. All 100% correct.

The sound is unbelievable. It is a blast to drive.

Could be eligible for historic racing.

More than 4 years of labour and a lot of technical and historical knowledge in combination with the usage of correct original Porsche parts makes this a welcome guest to every high end Porsche collection.

Perfection. Without compromise.

For further information please call +31641910911.

Body: Coupé
First registration: - / 1965
KM: 500
Nb doors: 2
Engine: Mid, longitudinally mounted Boxer 1991 Cc Aluminium case Engine with correct Weber Carburators
Power: 200 BHP
Transmission: GearBox 5 Speed Dogleg transmission (correct 904 Type)
Color: Elfenbein White
Cylinders: 6
Status Sold